Tails of Tami

Tami was named Tamara after her very precious Grand-dad Tamar who was the love of my life for 6 years. He has now gone to live with some very dear friends in Nottingham – who tell me that every day with Tamar feels like winning the lottery. I miss him every day, but he will always hold a very special place in my heart, and I look forward to watching Tami develop into the wonderful dog he was, and always will be. Thankyou so very much to Marion and Trevor for the love and devotion they show him each and every day – you are very special people. xx

She is also the Grand-daughter of my wonderful Maddie who has been, and continues to be incredibly special. She is gentle, sociable and fun and just loves puppies Рno matter whose they are! Being a Grand-daughter to Maddie and Tamar makes her a very special girl. I will be having pups from her in the future with Torr and expect them to be wonderful just like her and her Grandparents (and parents Kara and Monty of course!)

Sadly I lost Tami’s Granny Maddie on 5th December 2013 aged 11 years and 11 months to the day. Part of me died that day..

Tami snuggles up with her siblings – she’s the one right in the middle with the pale pink collar. She was always very confident and happy, and that appears to be increasing daily.

Our darling girl is all grown up - but just as beautiful as ever! She is such a happy girl so I call her 'Little Tami Wag Tail'!

Tami had one beautiful litter of 12 adorable puppies.

¬†On 17th December 2013 she collapsed and nearly died. My beautiful Ella gave blood to her – which saved her life. After an intensive course of steroids and other medication, much to our delight Tami made a full recovery. There was some difference of opinion from the various vets I consulted as to whether it was safe to have more puppies from her – but in the end I decided that if there was the slightest risk involved I wasn’t going to take the chance. Two years on Tami very recently went to live with a truly lovely couple who had lost their dear old Golden boy, and were so lost without him. She is very much loved, and enjoying being the centre of their world. I miss Tami so much, but am happy to know she is giving her humans so much love and joy – and the very best cuddles ever! I will always love you my sweetheart. you are always in my heart and on my mind xxx