My darling Ria lost her battle for life on Monday 27th September 2010


Ria has been with me for six years, though I have known and loved her for nine. Ria went through so much prior to coming to me, and I had done as much as I could whilst she was with her previous owner, to make her life as happy, healthy and comfortable as possible in very difficult circumstances. Since taking her on I have done everything possible, with the support and expertise of my vets, to give her the very best quality of life, and see that she had everything she needed in every way. She was the most wonderful dog with the most incredible zest for life. She overcame everything life threw at her, and wagged her tail and smiled throughout. She was in very poor health (not unsurprisingly bearing in mind all she had had to endure in her previous ‘home’) and had required a series of operations, once in my care, to give her the chance of continuing her life. She sailed through all these operations, and was bouncing around wagging that non-stop tail of hers in no time. However, she had ongoing kidney and bladder problems which in the end no longer responded to medication – but the fact that the life had gone from her eyes, and her tail was still, was the biggest indication to me that she could fight no more. I had to make the decision to allow her to go to sleep for the last time, regardless of my feelings and pain – and as many of you will know, it is the hardest thing in the world to do. She fell asleep cradled in my arms whilst I told her how much I loved her, and how proud I was of her – it broke my heart. As I always tell everyone – part of loving your dog is letting them go when the time comes. It is part of our responsibility as dog owners – and yes it hurts more than anything else ever could – but we owe it to them for all they have given us over the years. I will never stop loving Ria, or forget her little ways, or that she was the sweetest natured dog imaginable – I will just wait for the day I can be re-united with her – and Pebbles and Honey, and ensure I continue to do the best I can for all their young relatives, and all the Goldies – young and old – in my care. Sleep soundly my beautiful Angel – I will love you always.

Thankyou so much to Sheenagh for this: