Most of my puppy sales are now via recommendation which literally fills me with pride!
I was the first Breeder of Goldens in Cornwall to be Accredited by the Kennel Club back in 2004.

Keweras puppies have gone as far as Scotland (twice) Wales, Guernsey, Jersey, and just about every county in means so much to me that people are prepared to travel long distances in order to own a Keweras puppy. I have had enquiries from all over the world – including for frozen semen from one of my boys (that’s another story!) but I never export puppies, as I am not prepared to allow my beloved puppies to undergo long journeys in the hold of an aircraft…I do, however, appreciate that people from afar are so keen to own one of my puppies.

I always endeavour to do everything in the best way possible for my dogs, and the breed as a whole. I was therefore delighted to be accepted as a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder (now called Assured)  in 2004 when the scheme first started,   when the K.C. recognised the high standard of my breeding, and care put into all my dogs and puppies. I had an inspection from Bill Lambert from the scheme, and found his visit very enjoyable and interesting. He was extremely taken with the paperwork I give out in my puppy packs, and asked if he could use some of it in his own packs!

I then received a phone call from the Accredited Breeder Scheme Co-ordinator, asking if I minded being included in the 2008 Official Crufts Show Guide, as I had received a lot of excellent feed-back from my ‘new owners’ . Of course I didn’t mind a bit – and was, as you can imagine, exceptionally proud. While all this was going to print in readiness for the show, I received a copy of the March 2008 Accredited Breeder Newsletter – and low and behold I had a mention in there too! The most important thing about this is that I’m getting it right for the dogs and pups, and their new owners, and as that is what I set out to achieve, I feel very satisfied – though never complacent. Here are the two articles for you to read:

I have since twice been inspected by the Kennel Club to ensure I am upholding the standards of the scheme. I’m pleased to say I hold a second certificate confirming I am a fully Assured breeder with a UKAS Accreditation. This inspection is done for Kennel Club Assured Breeders every 3 years. This is a very thorough inspection of every aspect of breeding and care and welfare of the dogs involved. I agree very strongly with this inspection and actually feel every breeder should go through this process without exception – but of course that would be an impossible task. At least  with this in place it gives purchasers somewhere to look for responsible, reputable breeders who genuinely care for their dogs and their breed.