Keweras Puppies progress

Here is a selection of 'puppies' sold, showing how well they are progressing in their forever homes. This page will be updated from time to time in order to give all 'pups' sold a chance to be seen

I am extremely proud of all the puppies I breed, and very proud to get such wonderful feedback from all my ‘new owners’. It thoroughly warms my heart to know my dogs are making such a positive difference to people, and in some cases changing things so dramatically, that they actually give people their lives back. I know what my dogs mean to me, and so to be able to do this for others is nothing short of wonderful. It breaks my heart each and every time I receive phone calls or emails telling me that someone is grieving over the loss of their beloved Goldie, and I want so much to be able to do whatever I can to help them through the grieving process, and if they choose to buy a Keweras puppy, to know my puppy is making their life bearable again.

I love receiving news and photos of all my dogs, and sharing their owners’ experiences of life with a growing pup. Sometimes this brings an aaaaahhhh! sometimes an outburst of laughter – but very often an ‘oh dear!’ Whatever the reaction – it’s great to be able to share their milestones, and ups and downs with their owners.