My other Pets

Here at Barnsgold we also have some other much loved friends - and this page tells you about them. I hope you enjoy reading about them all.


First we have the Jack Russells Meg and Munch – two little scalliwags! Meg is black and white broken-coated, (long-coat) and Munch is tri-colour  broken-coated. We bought the Jacks to help keep rodents at bay – and Meg has managed to exterminate a few – but with some help from Brian!!   Meg and Munch are very sweet dogs but unfortunately have to live outside as my two male Goldens won’t accept Munch, and so Meg stays with him for company. They have a lovely warm and cosy kennel where they cuddle up together each night, and a small yard to play in during the day.

Long ago I decided that my little poppet, Meg, is in fact a Golden Retriever in a Jack Russell’s body! She is so loyal, loving gentle and sweet – and can’t possibly be a terrier! When indoors she lies next to me with her head on my hand – just like Maddie used to, and Kara still does, and follows me about like the Goldies – she is so special to me.

My sweet little Meggie


Next we have Sooty and Sweep – our two black cats.They are still kittens really, but growing up fast. Sooty is short-haired, and Sweep is long-haired like his Mum. They are lovely natured cats who also help with the rodent extermination programme. They caught their first rat overnight in the big shed two nights ago – we are very proud of them!

Sadly we lost dear Sweep when he died suddenly and unexpectedly from a seizure. He is buried in our pet cemetary. RIP Sweepy xx


Next we have our beloved hens who lay the best eggs you will ever taste! Some of them are ex-battery hens, and some I saved from being slaughtered for dog meat – these include Harold our very handsome cockerel – sadly now deceased. Jess was brought to me in an almost frozen state, by a young neighbour whose dog had picked her up in a field in a very cold February. She was in such a state that I couldn’t even see what she was. She is fit, well, and very much at home now here at Barnsgold. She gets very broody and loves nothing more than hatching everyone else’s eggs!

Sadly our beloved Jess died on 11.03.2017 aged 13 years. Our vet was astounded that she had lived so long. Thankfully I was able to give her hugs and talk to her before she was taken to the vets to be put to sleep. She chatted back to me which was so lovely. Sleep sweetly darling girl xx 

N.B. If you are able to take even a couple of ex-battery hens please get in touch with their welfare group – (Battery Hen Welfare Trust) they are great fun (and lay lovely eggs) – and you will be rewarded every day when you watch them scratching about outside doing what hens should do, knowing you have given them the freedom they so richly deserve

'Wander' in the daffodils
Rescue Hen having a dust bath
Ex-bats & 1 Maran rescue
Harold and his adoring ladies
Jess our Partridge Silkie

Daisy (White) and Poppy (Black) our two goats.

Sadly Poppy died so we sent Daisy to live with a lovely family in Liskeard as goats are herd animals, and she needed the company of other goats to thrive. We do miss her though.