My Husband - Brian

Last but certainly by no means least is my husband, Brian. Considering he didn’t ever grow up with animals, he is doing very well to now live with 13 Golden Retrievers.  Brian is a tremendous support to me with all I am endeavouring to achieve with my dogs.

He took early retirement in 2006 after working for 38 years for the same employer, and works part-time now for Traveline Southwest doing the accounts and statistics – I don’t think he has ever worked as hard as he does here at Barnsgold though – so we have now purchased a lawn tractor and trailer, which should make life a whole lot easier for him!

 Brian is a long serving member of the Burraton Male Voice Choir (and is their secretary),  a member of Burraton Boys Choir, a Server at St Nicholas & St Faith Church, and is on the P.C.C. He is also an Election Officer in Plymouth when required.

We have built, and continue to build and maintain many areas together around the property, in an attempt to make everything the best it can be for the dogs – I must stress though that we don’t use kennels here as we want our ‘family’ with us, as they are companion dogs, and not suited to kennels. More recently Brian has had to do a lot of this work on his own due to my ongoing health problems. I am very grateful for all Brian’s help, support, and hard work.