Keweris Knitter Knatter

Being a Keweras Golden - from their point of view!

Well hello there! My name is Maddie and I am a Keweras Golden Retriever. At the moment I have some pups to look after. I love being a Mum and watch my babies very carefully along with our Mum. Our Mum is my favourite person in the world, and as long as I am with her, I am a happy girlie. My family and I are going to write to you regularly to tell you what we have been up to, and we hope you will enjoy sharing this with us. x x

Wednesday 2nd July 2008:
Hello, Maddie here – or Maddie-Kara as Our Mum calls me! Today was such a special day, as our friend Jess came up and my babies got to sit out in the sunshine with her for the very first time. They loved it out there, cuddling Jess and having their photo’s taken by Our Mum. Mind you I wasn’t far away , and kept a close eye on proceedings, as all good Mums should. Our Mum was very busy today poking around with some green things she calls plants – didn’t look or smell very edible to me so I didn’t get involved! Anyway, as you will discover in time, I am very possessive about the road outside our gate and kept guard all afternoon. That bloomin noisy thing with only two wheels went down today – I soon told him what I thought of that! Our Mum went out today and as I missed her so much, I jumped up on the bed in the whelping room, and scraped all the bedding up so I could get to Our Mum’s pillow – that way I felt closer to her. I thought she would be cross when she came back, but she wasn’t. I think she understands that I miss her. I was so pleased to see her that I nearly waggled my bottom off with delight, and even offered her my toy cow – which is my most favourite thing, in the whole world!  Well folks, we’ll catch up with you again tomorrow. In the meantime, sleep well and have happy puppy dreams! x x

Wednesday 9th July
 Hi there everyone – Chaz here. Our Mum said I could have a little bit of Keweras Knitter Knatter with you all today – so here I am. You’ll never guess what….that Tamar has been showing off again. He’s been racing around the field trying to look all macho to catch the eye of the girls. Thinks he’s Actionman and James Bond all rolled into one. Well I’ve got news for him – I might not have sired any pups yet but you just wait – I’ll show him all about being a superstud when I get the chance – those lovely ladies will be calling my name and worshipping the ground beneath my paws! Boy oh boy I can’t wait…Mind you if they saw me in the state I was in today too often, they’d probably run a mile. Our Mum took us down to the exercise area in beautiful sunshine this morning, and within five minutes we were all drenched. I was so embarrassed to be seen looking like a drowned rat in front of my adoring females. I told Our Mum that my image is of the utmost importance, and that she must check the weather forecast in future to save my blushes. Anyway, I must get my beauty sleep now so I’ll say goodnight. Catch you soon. Cassanova Chaz.

Sunday 13th July:
 Hello, my name is Elsa.
I’m not one of the residents at Barnsgold, though I was born here.  I stay here quite regularly – it’s a bit of a madhouse at times – but I love it! You just never know what is going to happen next. Well, anyway, this weekend has been very busy. Connie and Ruby came to stay too and so it was a full house. I was a bit of a rascal as I chewed up Molly’s tennis ball, and took the stuffing out of a few toys – but I don’t think that was too bad compared to Ruby – she ate a television aerial! Maddie has been busy with her puppies again – two of them (Dexter & Isla) are going to their new homes next Saturday, and Barney Junior is staying until he’s eleven weeks old, so his family can have a holiday before he arrives. The pups are loving their outdoor adventures more every day. They hide behind the plant pots thinking that no-one will see them, then start yapping and give the game away. Oh well when they’re as mature and worldly as me, they’ll have more brains.  Maddie has also been busy with her usual fly catching, and she caught a huge spider too. She says it’s because she’s trying to save ‘Our Mum’ from them, but I know she is just showing off really. I’m off home in the morning, but I’m already looking forward to my next stay at Barnsgold. I’ll write again next time I’m here. Till then take care and keep up with all the Keweras Knitter Knatter. Elsa x

Tuesday 29th July


Hello, Chaz here – you will never believe what happened today – I finally got the chance to prove to the world – and the lovely ladies (and those other two who think they’re the bees knees) that I’m the man!! ‘Our Mum’ says I can have another go tomorrow -whooppee!! I knew it would be good but oh boy is that an understatement! Those ladies haven’t lived yet – well apart from Tegan who now knows all about REAL stud dogs. I bet she’s told the others about me and they are really jealous – all in good time girls – there’s plenty of me to go around. Must get my beauty sleep now – I’ve got a busy day ahead. Catch you soon. Cassanova Chaz

Tuesday 5th August
Hi there everyone – Tegan here. I don’t think you know me yet. I am the daughter of Tillie and Tamar – the one ‘Our Mum’ bonded with during my birth! She always says I’m the sweetest most loving dog in the world – aaahhh that’s nice of her – she’s quite nice herself!  Well, anyway – I’ve been a bit of a floozy lately! Chaz and I have been having a great time together – we are both first timers at all this mating stuff, and boy do we love it! We can’t wait to see each other, and we are determined to have some beautiful fluffy Keweras pups in October – so we are doing our best to achieve that – and loving it! ‘Our Mum’ is very proud of us both, as she was going to start Chaz on an experienced girl – but I surprised her and showed her I could do just as well.
The weather is so horrible at the moment, and we are all a bit fed up here at Barnsgold. We love lying out in the sun, but it just seems to be raining non-stop at the moment. ‘Our Mum’ says we weren’t mating at all – we were doing a rain dance – she’s so funny isn’t she?! Well,  I must go now as it will soon be my tea time – yum yum. I’ll be in touch soon – Bye for now and think puppies! Love Tegan x

Monday 25th August


Hi everyone – Kizzi here – Sorry it’s been a while since we wrote in our Knitter Knatter page – we have all been so busy with our relatives coming to stay over the summer – well if you can call it that! It seems to have rained continuously here at Barnsgold. Dad has been fed up because he hasn’t been able to umpire many cricket matches, or get any work done outside for us. we are waiting for extensions to our outdoor yards, but it has just been too wet for dad to work. I have been busy looking after Tegan and Tekka, as they might be having puppies. I’ve had a litter so I am very experienced at all this now, and want to look after Tegan as she is a first timer. Tekka is being a pain as usual – she always has to make herself heard, and has such a shrill bark, it goes right through my head! She is more than a little tedious at times, but I put up with her ‘cos I know that ‘Our Mum’ loves her a lot. We all get our cuddles every day, and we love that more than anything. I’m not having puppies this time round, so I’m just enjoying life – eating, playing, cuddling – you know the sort of thing. My sister, Tira, might have pups on her next season – I will have to take great care of her, because she’s not had pups before. I am looking forward to being Aunty Kizzi.!! Well folks, I must settle down for my afternoon siesta now – it is all important for us healthy, happy and very beautiful girls you know! I will give you and update on Tegan – and the very irritating Tekka (if I must!) very soon. Take care. love Kizzi x

Wednesday 10th October


Well – hasn’t it been a long time since we had a chat! Kizzi asked me to update you with all the news – so here I am…We have been so busy at Barnsgold you know – we have the patter of podgy paws, and ‘Our Mum’ is SO busy. Tegan had six beautiful babies on 3rd October, but one was stillborn and ‘Our Mum’ was very upset about it. Tegan is a wonderful mum to her pups, and as for Chaz – well as if his head wasn’t already big enough!! He thinks he’s stud of the year now, and is boasting to everyone! We all make allowances for him because he’s still young, and this is his first litter, but secretly we all hope he will stop boasting about his pups, as it’s getting very annoying. Barney never boasts about his puppies and he’s had loads of litters. As for Tekka, well yet again she didn’t have any puppies, and ‘Our Mum’ is rather miffed by it. She says she is going to try Chaz with her next time – so I guess that will start him off with the old boasting again! Kizzi had a second season two months after her previous one, so she might now be having pups in December with a very handsome dog called Troy….we think she was jealous of Tegan having pups and wanted some of her own. We will let you know if she looks like she is expecting as soon as we know. In the meantime I must catch up on my beauty sleep, and will be back soon. Can’t wait till it’s my turn for pups as I just LOVE them to bits – and guess what – you’re right – Chaz will be the dad! Bye for now. Lots of love Tillie xx

Sunday 1st February 2009


 Hello everyone – long time since we had a catch up isn’t it? Well anyway, things have been very busy at Barnsgold, and ‘Our Mum’ has been rushed off her feet. Kizzi was pregnant and had 8 puppies – 7 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys became unwell and ‘Our Mum’ and the vet did all they could for him, but he didn’t make it. ‘Our Mum’ was extremely upset, and was very unwell at the same time, so Christmas was all a bit difficult really. We still had our stockings hanging up on the big beam in the lounge though – and Santa Paws came and left us lots of lovely goodies. We had so much fun eating our treats and playing with our toys in the front room, in front of a lovely open fire – I wonder if Santa burnt his bottom on the way down…….? Anyway, Kizzi’s pups are nearly ready to go, and since then Kara has had a big litter of 12, but lost one at birth, and another one 2 weeks later despite ‘Our Mum’ bottle feeding him 2 hourly day and night, so has 10 pups to look after. ‘Our Mum’ had to deliver 3 litters up in Callington in between our litters, and is very tired, so we are all on our best behaviour for her. We found out in late 2008 that  Tamar is having problems in the baby making department, so now we know why Tekka didn’t have pups last year. Poor Tamar, he is not his normal confident self at the moment, and even Chaz feels sorry for him – which is something of a miracle! Tamar is happy to know  that there are lots of his very special  babies out there though – talking of which ‘Our Mum’ had one returned to her recently, because his owners split up. She has changed his name to Monty, and is hoping he will be able to carry on Tamar’s line, so we are all waiting anxiously for his hip score result at the moment. ‘Our Mum’ seems very happy with him and tells everyone how proud she is of him because she bred him and he is very handsome, gentle and soft-mouthed – that’s a Goldie term you know, and is something all Goldies should be really – we just get carried away at times. Chaz won’t like the extra competition will he? Oh dear! We have a new lady amongst us. She is called Kara, and is Maddie’s daughter. She has come back to ‘Our Mum’ from some friends who had her for over 2 years. They went to live abroard for six months, and have now decided to buy a yacht and will be living in Turkey when not at sea. Kara has a big family to look after at the moment, and is doing a great job. I hope it won’t be too long until it is my turn to be a Mum. Bili has gone to live with some dear friends of ‘Our Mum’s’ and is very happy. He gets loads of walks and cuddles every day, and is being very spoiled which we are all very happy about. Well I think this brings us back up to date. I hope to be able to write in our Keweras Knitter Knatter page again soon. In the meantime take care and keep reading our page. Lots of love Tira xx


Wednesday 25th February 2009

Hello everyone,

 My name is Monty. I was born here at Barnsgold, and have now come back after just over a year to live here forever. ‘Our Mum’ says she is very proud of me because I am so loving and gentle. I snuggle up to her and try very hard to climb inside her – as I just can’t get close enough! We are all very busy here at the moment with puppies to look after – I have been doing my bit by jumping in the whelping box and keeping the pups amused for their Mum to give her a break. I had my picture taken whilst doing that, and I heard talk of it being put on our web-site. I’m very excited about that because I’m the only one who hasn’t had my photo on there yet. The other day a beautiful little girl of 18 months called Theya came to visit. We really loved each other and she was giggling at me all the time. I accidentally knocked her down when I was cuddling her a couple of times  – because I’m quite a big dog you know – and she just got back up and giggled again. She put her hand in my mouth, and of course I was very gentle with her, as I wouldn’t hurt anyone. I hope she comes to visit again – I think she is having one of our puppies, so she should be back soon.

Gemma has now gone to live in Botus Flemming, which is about 5 minutes away, and is very happy in her new home. She has a friend called Thomas, who is also a Goldie and was born here. I am very happy to be back here, and I’m enjoying every day of my life. I get so much love it’s just amazing – mind you my dad – Tamar – isn’t best pleased I’m here. I think he knows ‘Our Mum’ wants to keep his line going through me, and he’s a bit jealous. I will make him proud of me one day – he’ll see. I haven’t met Chaz (the stud of the century) yet – I’m not pushing my luck that far when I’ve heard how protective he is over the girls. I will just bide my time and quietly win them over with my charm.There’s plenty of time – I’m only 15 months. Time to put my typing paws to bed now, so I’ll say goodnight to you all till next time. Lots of love, Mr Cool – Monty xx

Sunday 8th March 2009

 Hello again – I’m back sooner than expected! You will just not believe what happened today….’Our Mum’ said I could see if Tekka was ready – (you know – ‘ready’) and guess what – she was!!! Mum said I’m a star because I just got on with it like a true pro (whatever that means) So now she says I’m all grown up – but I think I’ll always be her (big) baby really. Chaz was howling from the kitchen while I was ‘busy’ with Tekka – he’s such a fuss pot – he had already been ‘busy’ himself with Tillie earlier in the day – he’s so greedy isn’t he? I’ve been hearing a lot about Chaz and how he thinks he’s the best stud ever – I’m not a boaster like him – I will just do what I have to, and keep it to myself. I’m very tired tonight – can’t think why! I think I will get an early night in case ‘Our Mum’ has more work for me with Tekka tomorrow.  Thankyou for sharing my big day with me. Bye for now. Lots of love, Mr Cool – Monty xx

Sunday 22nd March

Hello everyone,

We are all writing to you today because we are very excited! Today is Mothering Sunday – and we have given ‘Our Mum’ a lovely present because we love her so much. We all saved up our treat money and gave it to Dad, and he went to Tesco’s (!!!) and bought a gorgeous soft teddy bear with a pink flower on it that says’ I love Mum.’ She is so happy today, and says she is going to cuddle it every night – well when we let her – because we like our cuddles too of course! We are going to be very good and not touch her special teddy, because we don’t want to damage it. We have lots of toys of our own anyway, because we are very spoiled! We hope that all you mums out there are having a lovely day, and are as happy as ‘Our Mum’ is today. Lots of love to you all, the Keweras Goldens x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x (15)

Friday 10th April

Hello everyone, 

 We all want to wish you a very Happy Easter and remind you not to feed us precious dogs any of your chocolate, as it is poisonous to us. Enjoy all the lovely weather, the spring flowers and birds, and all the fresh eggs that the happy free- range hens (like ours) are once again laying! Back soon with more news. Lots of love,     Maddie x Molly x Monty x Kizzi x Kara x Keli x Tillie x Tekka x Tira x Tegan x Tamar x   Tava x Chaz x Ria x & Barney x

Friday 8th May

Hi there –

We have had a very busy time lately here at Barnsgold – we have had lots of birthdays – Barney was 5 on April 15th, I was 3 on April 30th, and Tillie was 5 on May 4th. ‘Our Mum’ spoiled us all of course – we love our birthdays as we get lovely treats – even better ones than our everyday treats! ‘Our Mum’ and Dad have been busy trying to build us a new yard to play in, and have done a very nice job of it – they aren’t half bad at this building lark you know! We are also very excited as Tekka and Tillie are due to have their babies soon. We know it will be soon as ‘Our Mum’ has moved into the whelping room now. That’s the worst part about babies – not seeing as much of ‘Our Mum’, but we all try to understand that the Mums and babies need her. Trouble is, Tekka is all hormonal (as Mum says) and is very noisy again – she’s such a pain at times! Torr has come to live with us – he’s going to be the new stud boy one day – he’s only 10 weeks old at the moment though so has a while to go yet! Chaz and Monty will be spitting feathers when that time comes – they are both strutting around like peacocks in full feather at the moment – knowing they have babies on the way. They are such show-offs. ‘Our Mum’ says she’s seen Tillie’s pups kicking – lively bunch like their dad Chaz by the sound of it – I had his pups last time, so know what they’re like! Monty is much quieter so maybe his pups will be quiet too – here’s hoping! My pups have all gone now except Tava – I love having her here with me. Dad is pretty chuffed at the moment as the cricket season has started again. He is really enjoying it by all accounts, and Mum has some quality time with us on Saturdays now, which we all love. This typing lark is rather tiring isn’t it? I think I’ll go and have an afternoon nap now. Lots of love to you all, and bye for now. Kara xx

Sunday 24th May



Hello, Tekka and Tillie here. We are just taking a breather from our maternal duties to get in touch. What busy girls we are! We are nursing and cleaning our babies around the clock – with help from ‘Our Mum’ of course. ‘Our Mum’ says we are lucky as we get long deep sleeps during the day, and she doesn’t! We are very grateful to her though, as she makes us feel safe and cared for, and know she is always there for our every need, and to keep our precious babies safe. Our babies are all growing nicely, so we are very proud of ourselves. ‘Our Mum’ says that my pups (Tekka) are like baby seals now, and are very beautiful. She says it won’t be long until they open their eyes. My babies (Tillie) are also growing very fast! Mum has fallen in love with one of my daughters – she says it’s a good job they’re all sold! We both want to say a very big ‘thankyou’ to everyone who has booked one of our babies. We know you are all lovely people, and will look after our babies really well (cos ‘Our Mum’ told us you would). We know she wouldn’t let our pups go just anywhere – she’s very fussy you know! Well, time for our afternoon nap now. It has been lovely talking to you all. Keep an eye on the Puppy Availability page for updates. Bye for now. Lots of love, Tekka, Tillie & all our babies xxx



Hello – sorry it has been so long since we had a ‘knatter’. Life is very busy for us all here at barnsgold. My name is Torr, and I am going to be the new stud dog here one day. Our Mum bought me from her breeder friend in Crediton, and says she is very pleased with me. She says I am very gentle and very handsome, and that as long as I pass my health screening tests I will be a busy boy – not quite sure what she means by that, but my best mate Tamar has told me that I will enjoy it! I am only 8 months old at the moment, and I can’t have my tests until I am a year old, so I will just enjoy playing and being a puppy for as long as I can. Our Mum has been very busy lately with Maddie and her babies, but I still get lots of cuddles which I really enjoy. Our Mum says the puppies are growing very fast and are very beautiful. I’m not too sure what puppies are, but sometimes I can hear some squeaking noises, and I turn my head to the side which makes Our Mum laugh. We have been enjoying all the sunshine here lately, but today was just horrible – it poured with rain all day so I have been very fed up. I like to get outside and have a good play with my friends and race across the field with Tamar, but we couldn’t do that today. Our Mum has just given me a lovely big chew to make up for it, so I’m going to find a safe place to eat that now. I will chat again very soon. In the meantime, lots of love to all you Goldie lovers out there. Bye for now. Torr xx (sorry for talking with my mouth full!)


What busy bees we have all been here at Barnsgold! Never a dull moment. Gemma has now gone to her forever home in Truro with Beth the cat. She is very happy, and enjoying the walks and beaches, and all the love and fuss she is getting as an only dog in the house. She is a constant source of amusement to her owners, and fits in beautifully with their lifestyle. A happy ending …. perfect! Anyway, we are now awaiting pups from Kara and Monty, and Mayci and Munch the terriers. Mayci’s legs are so short that her her tummy is nearly touching the floor! Munch is so proud of himself, that he goes around outside cocking his leg everywhere to show everyone he is now all grown up! Our Mum has learned a new skill – it’s called tiling. We don’t know what it means, but it sounds very clever. She says she has tiled loads of the kitchen to make it easier to keep clean for us mucky pups when we come in on rainy days. Since doing that she has been really brave and tiled loads of the downstairs bathroom – she even used the electric tile cutter (a thing that makes a very horrible noise) and has done a lot of what she calls grouting too. We think we are very proud of her because whatever it is she’s been doing, she has been working very hard. She is very chuffed with herself anyway – so that makes us happy! Barney has been a rascal and chewed up the cushion on Ria’s sofa, Tegan and Honey (who is staying for a while) are gradually munching their way through the pine dresser in the dining room, Tegan also wrecked Maddie’s favourite giggling Christmas toy, we are all barking like mad at Routhy the cockerel who keeps escaping and running around our field, the boys are all going mad because five of us girls have been in season at the same time – and all in all Our Mum says it’s a madhouse – we don’t understand what all the fuss is about – we’re all having a great time! Maddie and Tegan’s puppies are all settled in their new homes now, and all doing very well. Our Mum is getting lots of pictures of them all, and that makes her very happy. Well we have tired ourselves out doing all this work with our typing paws – even though we shared it out between us – so we are off for a nap now. Catch up with you again very soon – thanks for reading our knitter knatter. Lots of love to you all, Maddie, Kara, Tekka, Kizzi, Tira, Tillie, Tegan, Molly, Ria, Monty, Torr, Tamar, Barney, Tava & Honey. xxxxx


Hasn’t it been a long time since our last knatter! We’re very busy dogs here at Barnsgold you know – always so much going on. We currently have three house-guests – Lilly, Orla & Tess. Tess is a regular boarder and thinks this is her second home. She is being very noisy at the moment – but we think she is just showing off, so we try to ignore her. Ellie (Torr’s Mum) has come to live with us forever. She is very gentle and sweet, and Our Mum adores her. We heard that Tamar, who now lives with Our Mum’s friends in Nottingham has been a rascal this week. He spotted a lady heading across the golf course (where he has his walks,) carrying two Tesco bags – he homed in on the bags, charged over to her, and tried to take one of the bags! We think he was just being a gentleman, because he always used to help Our Mum to bring all the shopping in from the car. We were told the lady’s face was a picture as he raced towards her – you can just imagine can’t you?!! Our Mum misses Tamar loads, but she says he’s having a great life in Nottingham, and that makes her very happy because she loves him very much. We are all having fun here too. We all have paddling pools, we get regular marrow bones which are very scrummy, and we are loving our runs in the field as usual. Tira and Monty are due to have their puppies around 19th July, the Tegan and Torr are having some around 4th August. Torr has never been a dad before, so we are all very excited here. Our Mum thinks they will be very special – mind you she says all our pups are special – and who are we to argue?! Monty had 20 puppies in two litters on 26th June and 2nd July to ‘outside’ girls called Roxy & Maddie – busy boy! Orla is going home today. Lilly will miss her as they play together non-stop. Our Mum is hoping that Tess will play with her instead, as they seem to get on well. Time for our afternoon siesta now. We will try not to leave it as long next time before writing. Bye for now. Lots of Love, Maddie, Molly, Monty, Ellie, Tegan, Tira, Torr, Tekka, Tillie, Tami, Kizzi, Kara, Ria, & Barney x x x x x x x x x x x x x


Hello – Maddie here. . . .  there was ‘Our Mum’ lying in the bath listening to our pair of owls hooting to each other outside, when suddenly she announced that it was about time we updated the knitter knatter page – so here we are! So much has been going on I just don’t know where to start! Barney has gone to live with Paul, Helen & Jason here in Saltash, Molly went to live with Val, Pat & Thomas five minutes from us in Botus Fleming, and have since been joined by Arthur – now called Jake. Tira and Tegan had some very beautiful babies – including our darling Sonny who is happily settled with Roger, Chris, Charlie, Jay & Ollie in Surrey, and Tekka and Tillie who had 15 pups between them – one poor baby didn’t make it and that made ‘Our Mum’ sad, but all the others are now happily settled in their forever homes. ‘Our Mum’ decided to change Ellie’s name to Ella because her Grand-daughter is called Elli and it all got a bit confusing. Anyway Ella has been mated to Monty and ‘Our Mum’ is very excited because she said she saw a Monty/Ella litter and the pups were just so beautiful so now she’s decided to keep one and call her Kayla (aahhh so pretty!) Kara is having babies with Torr the smiler – so they will be just gorgeous too with lovely fluffy coats (scrummy!)  Tia came to live with us and ‘Our Mum’ says she’s a nutter because when she tickles her foot Tia screws up her nose then puts her foot in her own mouth and chews it!! She is Monty’s daughter and is just as dark and gorgeous as him. ‘Our Mum loves her to bits just as she does the rest of us – we are all so lucky! ‘Our Mum’ and dad have been making the house nice for us all by decorating the lounge and putting floor tiles in the study in case we have little accidents. We are all very fed up with the rain and are looking forward to the Spring and Summer. We had so much fun in the snow and ‘Our Mum’ had lots of pics from doggy owners whose dogs also enjoyed the snow. As usual Santa Paws came and filled our stockings because we are all such good dogs. We had so many lovely toys and yummy treats – oh boy do we love Crimbo!! There is so much more to tell you but ‘Our Mum’ says I’m waffling so I’d better go now. Oh before I do go I must tell you that I had a big operation, and now I can’t have any more babies of my own, but I am going to help Kara to look after my Grand-babies. ‘Our Mum’ says it was good for me to have the op. as it will help me to live longer and stay healthy. Well I must go now. Lots of love to all our Keweras puppies out there. ‘Our Mum’ thinks about all of them and loves them all too. Bye for now. All my love and slurps, Maddie xxxxx 



Hello Everyone, my name is Tia and I’m a Keweras dog. Our Mum said I could have a turn at writing a ‘knitter Knatter’ update – so here goes! Well, where shall I start? I think I’ll tell you all about me first. I came to live at Barnsgold the day before my first birthday. Monty is my daddy, but my mum lives in Bude. I was sold to a lady in Truro who loved me very much, but I was too strong for her despite all her efforts with me (I’m a good girl really) My owner had been in touch with ‘Our Mum’ from the time she bought me, so they knew each other pretty well. When my owner decided to part with me she felt ‘Our Mum’ would know what to do, so she rang her – and here I am! ‘Our Mum’ loves me SO much and lets me sleep on her bed sometimes, which I love. I jump up and start re-arranging the quilt to get it just how I like it! When I first came here I was quite shy and would never let anyone kiss me, but now I love my kisses and ‘Our Mum’ kisses me loads! I must tell you about Kara – she’s either very greedy or just amazing because she had 15 puppies in March – 15!!! I personally think this was quite unnecessary, but ‘Our Mum’ says my time will come and I don’t know what I will end up with yet. I don’t want that many puppies – sounds like hard work to me – though Kara cheated because she got Ella to feed and look after four of them (she thinks we don’t know!) The dogs were all very cross with me the other day because ‘Our Mum’ took me to Siblyback Lake where I had a really lovely time. When I got back everyone was sniffing me and looked most disgruntled , but I just stuck my nose in the air and trotted off! (I didn’t tell them about the ice cream!) Time to go now – smells like something yummy is going on and I need to investigate. Bye for now. Lots of love Tia – or Tia Toots as ‘Our Mum’ calls me. She calls everyone related to Tamar (my Grandad) ‘Toots’ (She’s a bit nutty sometimes you know but we all love her!)

05.02.2014 Hello everyone – Kenzi here. Our Mum said I could write to you today because I have some news for you. On 25th November I had ten beautiful puppies – five boys and five girls. Wasn’t Torr a clever boy to give me five of each?! Anyway, I loved having my babies to look after, and Our Mum said I did a wonderful job with them all. On 5th December our beautiful friend Maddie had to be put to sleep because she had a big tumour inside. No-one knew about it because she didn’t behave as if she was ill at all until she stopped eating – about a week before she died. Our Mum is completely devastated as Maddie was her special girl and went everywhere with her. We all understood how much they meant to each other, and we have been trying so hard to make Our Mum feel better. Anyway Mum got very attached to my litter because Maddie was in the puppy room with us all when my babies were very young. They have all gone to their new homes now, and have lovely new owners. One family even called their puppy Maddie – Our Mum really loved that. Now that my puppies have all gone I am getting lots of extra cuddles from Our Mum because she understands I may be missing them. I don’t know who is going to write to you next, but I need a snooze after all my hard work! We all send love to everyone who is reading this and hope you haven’t been affected by the horrible weather. Bye for now. Love Kenzi (Koodle) xxx

07.06.2014  Hello everyone, Monty here…. I hope you are all well and happy. We are all enjoying the sunshine here at Barnsgold. I am very excited at the moment because I have eight beautiful babies with Kila – there were ten, but sadly two of my little daughters didn’t make it 🙁 Anyway, Our Mum is excited too because she didn’t know if I was even still fertile – (well really – as if!!) but I showed her what I’m made of didn’t I?!! My dad, Tamar lost his fertility when he was only three, so I think Our Mum was a bit worried because of that. I’m not allowed in the whelping room to visit because my babies are still small and Kila will be very cross with me if I go near them – plus Tia is in there with Torr’s babies, and she will be cross too. I really don’t want to feel the wrath of two hormonal ladies coming at me now do I?! Our Mum is very tired because she has barely slept for a week now, but she always says it’s better to keep our babies safe than worry about losing sleep. I have six little girls and two boys in my litter – I’m just soooooo proud of myself – in fact I might take a moment out to do my show-off dance……………………………………….. Ah that’s better I needed that!! Well I must go as all this responsibility of being a father is very tiring (big yawn) and I must get my rest. Sending love to everyone out there who is reading this.

Love and hugs, Monty xx