Keweres Knasties

On this page I will try to list things to avoid, and things which could potentially be very harmful to your dog. I will always be open to ideas and suggestions to add to this page to help everyone keep their special friend safe and well.

Hopefully this page will be very informative and helpful in keeping   your beautiful Golden safe:

1. Never allow your puppy or dog to eat snails or slugs – they can end up with heart/lung worm which is potentially fatal.

2. Never feed your dog ‘human’ chocolate – it is poisonous to him. Plain chocolate is the most dangerous, but milk chocolate is very harmful too – so be sure to keep your chocolates well out of the way, so that your dog isn’t tempted to polish them off for you! 

3. Never feed your dog sultanas, raisins, or grapes – if they eat significant amounts, they can develop kidney failure

4. Onions/leeks/garlic contain alum which can cause neurological problems – seizures and walking difficulties.

5. Apple/ pear/cherry/peach plum pips contain toxic poisons, and can cause extreme acidic type stomach upsets, so always take the pips out before giving these fruits to your dog.

Also avoid:

Raw fish – (especially salmon.)  

Turkey skin.

Cows milk – (dogs can be lactose intolerant)

Cat food – (can cause metobolic imbalances)

Nicotine (can affect digestive and nervous system – and be fatal)

Walnuts – and many other nuts too

Raw eggs – (salmonella)


Be very careful with electrical wiring and leads – especially when your puppy is teething at around four months.



PLEASE remember to keep your pets in, and if you have a dog who is terrified of the fireworks, you could try the D.A.P diffusers available online or from veterinary surgeries, or possibly valerian compound, or skullcap and valerian tablets from Dorwest Herbs online. Also try increasing the volume on your television or radio to drown some of the sound out. Hopefully, none of my  ‘pups’ sold will be affected having been desensitised to these sounds prior to leaving. I hope your pets will all remain safe and unaffected by the fireworks.

 PLEASE don’t allow your dog to chase after sticks – they are incedibly dangerous as they can rip into the roof of the mouth, pierce or lodge in throats, and even end up in stomachs. Also be careful when throwing your dog a small (tennis sized) ball – never throw it directly to your dog, as it can become lodged in the throat and cut off the airway.

ANTI-FREEZE is very attractive to dogs as it tastes very sweet – however it is extremely dangerous – approximately 3 tablespoons could kill a 22lb dog.

Please be aware that some very stupid people think it is funny or clever to lace puddles with anti-freeze and dogs are losing their lives – so PLEASE don’t allow your dog to drink from puddles. 

 THANKYOU to Sonny, Perran Barney and Ollie’s owner for reminding me to mention about the dangers of frozen ponds, lakes etc. – keep your dog on a lead around them to avoid disasters.

NEVER leave your dog in a hot car – even if the sun isn’t shining the car may well still be extremely hot. About ten minutes is all it will take to kill your dog. 

THANKYOU to Nigel for his contribution to the knasties page: Rhubarb leaves are poisonous to dogs, and as he says – those big leaves will be very tempting – especially to inquisitive pups – so beware!

 PLEASE PLEASE always keep your dog on a lead near cliffs. Far too many dogs end up falling and sustaining horrendous injuries and even death – it’s just not worth the risk.

 DON’T allow your dog in the sea if it looks even the slightest bit rough – there can be under currents which will pull your dog down, and he could so easily drown. The same applies to fast flowing rivers and streams.

 WATCH your dog carefully at all times as dog thefts are on the increase. They are being stolen from gardens, on walks, from cars etc. NEVER leave your dog tied up outside a shop – or you risk losing him/her forever. Dogs are being stolen for profit, and for use as bait dogs in dog fights – a barbaric ‘sport’ where dogs are left severely maimed  .