Keweras Acheivements

On this page I will tell you about Keweras dogs and their achievements etc. Please contact me if you have any news about your puppy/dog which you would like to see included on this page.

Congratulations to Cooper Clappison for becoming the first P.A.T Registered Keweras Golden aged just 16 months – I am very proud of you x x (See Cooper’s page on this site)

Well done to James and Nick too

Congratulations to Sophie Williams for passing her Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizenship Awards – I am so proud of you x x

Well done to Ian & Denise too.

Congratulations to Barney Hickling and Isla Cox who have achieved their Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizenship Awards aged just 10 months. I am extremely proud of you both x x

Well done to Janet & Keith, and Jo & Dave too.

 Thomas Baker who has been accepted as a P.A.T (Pets As Therapy) dog – well done Thomas – I’m very proud of you. x x


Well done to Val & Pat too


Thomas Baker - what a wonderful boy - and doesn't he know it!
Congratulations to Jay and Ollie Thackray for passing their Basic Puppy Obedience recently. I am so proud of you both! Good luck for the next stage in October, and then your K.C. Good Citizenship Bronze Awards. Well done to Roger & Chris too
Jay & Ollie ('Kara' &'Chaz' pups) with their rosettes - I'm so proud!

Congratulations to Barney Hickling for attaining his Good Citizenship Silver Award!! What a star he is – well done Barney! xx

Well done to Janet, Keith and family too

Congratulationsto Oscar for attaining his first stage puppy class award. Well done Oscar –  Monty, Tekka and I are all very proud of you. xx

Don't they look stuck up about about their achievements?!

Congratulations to Phoebe and Poppy (Keweras) who recently did exceptionally well at a local dog show. Poppy attained best puppy in show which I was naturally very proud to hear – but the main thing is that they both had a lovely day out and enjoyed what they were doing.

Well done to Tony & Judy too – especially for training Poppy so well.

Congratulations to Marley for passing his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award. What a clever boy – well done I am very proud of your achievement.

Well done to Kim, Steve & Joshua too – keep up the good work!

 Congratulations to Phoebe Simons for her clear round at Agility Competition recently – I am very proud of you.

Well done to Paula for all her dedication and commitment to Phoebe’s training. Phoebe has gone on to achieve great things in agility and I am exceptionally proud of her for all her achievements. I’m sure her Granny Maddie would have loved to watch her Granddaughter doing so well, and would also have been very proud of her had she survived.

Congratulations to Flo for attaining her Bronze & Silver K.C Good Citizenship awards at a very young age. What a clever girl you are Flo!

Well done to Clare and Tom too for working so hard with Flo

Congratulations to Honey for attaining her K.C Good Citizen Bronze and Silver Awards aged just 7 months!  I’m so very proud of you. 

Well done to Trudi and family for all their hard work with Honey

Clever boy Barney - just look at your cup for Best dog in Show!

Huge congratulations to Barney Stedeford who has been to a show and won many awards including Best Dog in Show! Well done gorgeous boy – Tami, Torr and I are so proud of you!