What a wonderful and special boy Cooper is - I'm just SO proud of him

Cooper was a pup from Tillie and Tamar’s first litter. He went to a  couple in Hampshire who had waited twelve years for the right time – and I’m told – the right dog. From all accounts Cooper has more than fulfilled their expectations of dog ownership, and qualified as a P.A.T. (Pets as Therapy) dog, aged just 16 months. This is such a worthwhile cause, as it gives otherwise lonely and sometimes despairing people a focus in their lives, providing them with companionship, love, joy and something to look forward to.


I am exceptionally proud of Cooper – and his owners for achieving so much with such a young dog. I get very many phone calls from my new puppy owners, saying that they have never known or owned such a loving dog. This pleases me immensely as this is what Goldens are all about, and tells me I am achieving what I should be within my breeding programme. 

If you think your dog has what it takes to be a P.A.T dog, please make contact with the charity and ask their advice on taking that first important step.
Telephone: 01844 345445  Email: