This page will cover everything that is going on at Keweras I feel might be of interest to you. If anyone would like anything added to this page, please let me know. Thankyou

25.09.2009 Kara was my little heroin today as she gave blood at the vets practice for a  male springer spaniel. She was a little star, and stood quietly whilst the transfusion needle was inserted into her throat. Both Kara and I wish Alfie well in his recovery, and hope he will soon be bouncing around and enjoying life again…….

26.09.2009 I’m very pleased to report that the vets have telephoned me to say that Alfie is doing really well – eating normally, blood levels have stabilised – and he is back home! Pretty good stuff this Keweras blood you know – bless my darling Kara!! 


I recently heard that one of my dogs – Jasper (Tillie/Tamar pup) – was a hero, as he called for help in the night whilst staying with his owner’s friends, when the lady had a diabetic seizure. Apparently he went absolutely spare in an attempt to wake her partner – who tells me he sleeps more solidly than any log – he then sat back watching the paramedics at work, and then slept quietly next to her the whole night to keep her safe. I’m exceptionally proud of him – as I’m sure you can imagine! What a star!!

JASPER - a true hero

04.02.2010  Just had a lovely visit from Ruby (Tillie/Tamar ‘pup’) I’m told she’s the perfect dog ……. certainly hope she’s as close to that as possible! Ruby lives with Ann who has a nursing home. Ruby adores the residents, and apparently goes from one to the next behaving beautifully, and never ever jumping up. I gather one of the residents’ relatives commented recently that there is a completely different atmosphere in the home now with Ruby (and her Aunty Connie) there. They wander about all day giving the residents a new focus in their lives, and putting smiles on many faces! I’m pleased to know that the residents never feed the dogs though – can you imagine the size they would be in a very short time – doesn’t bear thinking about! I’m so pleased and proud to know that Ruby is enhancing these people’s lives to such an extent. I hope to be able to put some photos on here at some point in the near future … watch this space. I have many dogs from this line who are currently working as P.A.T (Pets as Therapy) dogs. This is very special to me, and means a great deal, and is certainly testament to their lovely natures.

20.02.2010 Maddie was amazing yesterday – she gave lots of her precious blood to help save Barney – a 12 year old Staffy – who I’m told is now doing very well back at home. I received a very nice ‘thankyou’ email from Barney’s owners, who were very grateful. Maddie and I were only too pleased to help, and we are pleased to know Barney is doing so well.

26.02.2010 Well, what an unexpected day I’ve had today – delivering a litter of Lhasa Apso puppies for a neighbour! Not what I thought I would be doing today – but thankfully mum and pups are all safe and well, so that’s what I call a result! Apart from numerous Goldies (mine and other people’s) I have now delivered German Shepherd x malamutes, Jack Russells, Jack Russell x Cavalier King Charles, and now Lhasas – the list is growing! It is so good to know that the pups are all safe and well, despite some tricky moments. The best bit though is coming home to my precious Goldies who swarm all over me picking up scents of birth, and fussing me and telling me they are all very proud of their mum! Bless them all!!


Ella had my Monty’s pups last night by caesarean section. She has 6 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. Congratulations to everyone in the Doddridge household. 


Unfortunately I have got a bit behind with the news lately. So much has happened – Kizzi gave blood on two separate occasions – once for a Great Dane and once for a Jack Russell Terrier. She is simply amazing – she sits there on the table taking it all in her stride – never flinching regardless of how many times the needle goes in before the blood flows, and once the needle is in, she sits perfectly still, and just patiently waits until it’s all over, and she can be lifted off the table. I can’t really express my pride over her gentle and patient nature in helping other dogs to have another chance at life.

Honey (now Jess) went to live with Fran, David & Maisie in Hatt, Tava went to live with Tracy, Ray, Jasmine & Fletcher in Saltash, and Tamar went to live with Marion & Trevor in Nottingham. They are all exceptionally happy and well loved, and I am very grateful to all the families for giving them loving homes, and secure futures.

Monty had a litter of 8 with Kara on April 6th. Tami from that litter has stayed here with us. Then he had a litter of 7 (4 boys and 3 girls) with Misty in Callington on 21st May. He also had a litter of 10 (6 boys and 4 girls) with Roxy in St Agnes on 26th June, and a litter of 10 (6 girls and 4 boys) with Maddie in Devon on 2nd July. No wonder he sleeps such a lot!

We are currently awaiting litters with Tira & Monty and Tegan & Torr on 19th July and 4th August respectively. Busy, but lovely times ahead.

 05.02.2014 Well, after a long gap of nearly four years I am back on my news page. A lot has happened in that time, but I have either been very busy, or not at all well with my fibromyalgia, and have neglected to keep you up to date, and for that I apologise. However, I intend to keep up to date from now on! I was very proud to learn that one of Torr’s daughters (Honey) is to be kept by Dogs for the Disabled to produce more pups for the organisation because her temperament is so special. They had another Torr pup as well, and she is currently training so she can help a person with disabilities. Well done to Torr and Libby (from Buckinghamshire) for producing such special puppies. I hope you have all been safe in this dreadful weather. Our Summerhouse roof blew off, flew over the house and ended up in the front drive having written Brian’s car off before landing. Naturally he was annoyed – but as I pointed out – it could have been us and/or our dogs who were out there at the time. Thank goodness we were all safely indoors. We are currently waiting for girls’ seasons to start so I can decide who will be having babies next. My poor boys will be beside themselves once all the girls are in season! I’m off for now – but check out the Knitter Knatter page as the dogs have lots to tell you too. Bye for now x

25.02.2014  Update on Honey – Torr’s daughter -who is staying with Dogs for the Disabled to produce more beautiful and special puppies for the organisation. Her hip score was 3:3 (total 6) and her elbows were 0:0. I am so thrilled at the news and wanted to share it with you all! I’m sure when the time comes she will produce many very special puppies to help disabled people across the Country.

 10.03.2015  I am happy to report that Honey had eight beautiful puppies for Dogs for the Disabled a few weeks ago.

 16.09.2015 Last week my darling Ella sat up on the table at the vets and gave a large bag of blood for a poor little 10 month old Springer Spaniel bitch. Sadly I found out today that the Springer didn’t make it, but nevertheless I am SO proud of my sweet Ella. Kila is in labour as I type so I’m off to sit with her now…..