Tira is a little poppet! She sustained an injury to her muzzle after her Mother 'over disciplined' her at 2 weeks old, and has been left with a blocked tear duct, which means she gets a bit of 'weeping' on one side of her face. It certainly doesn't detract from her very loving and mischievious nature though. Tira wasn't quite ready for mating when her turn came on her last season, being less mature than her sister Kizzi, so hopefully she will have matured enough by the time her next season arrives...we'll see! As with Kizzi, Tira has a  low hip score of 3:3 (total 6) and is a delightful girl to own, being very affectionate and gentle. She is very loving towards all the other dogs - always being so pleased to see them when they have been away from her even for a very short time!

Tira had one litter of puppies and was a wonderful mum!

Tira now lives with a wonderfully loving family in Surrey who adore her and who can offer her lots of attention and walks with their other dog Bramble who came from me as a puppy.