So sorry but my lists are full for 2020. If however you want to book a puppy for 2021 please do get in touch.



 I'm sorry to say that due to extortionate vet costs I have to increase the cost of my puppies in line with others. I had hoped to keep the cost below that of other breeders but I am struggling to keep up with the increase in vet fees, and every other charge connected with preparation of puppies before they leave me. My puppies are the best quality, and cared for in the very best way possible, so I hope this slight increase doesn't create any problems for anyone. So from Spring/Summer 2020 the price for puppies, males and females, will be £1,200.



Visits to choose pups will start just after Christmas when they are 5 weeks' old.  The puppies are thriving on their mums' wonderful milk and growing at a rate of knots, and are looking forward to meeting you all once the festivities are over.  


Martha and Mabel have had their babies and all have now been allocated. Sadly we lost two males - one stillborn who despite my very best efforts to revive him didn't make it, and one who was unwell and passed away aged just two days old - definitely the downside to this job, and always heart breaking. Sadly it also means we have two less puppies to offer to people on the waiting list. It's so hard having to tell people we don't have a puppy for them this time, but we can't defy nature and what she chooses to do. The girls had eight puppies each but because of losses now have seven each - we had expected them to have more in their first litters, but you get what you get and the fact that both mums' are well, looking after their babies, and the surviving pups are thriving is what matters most to us. We can only apologise if you haven't been lucky enough to get your puppy this time around, but there will be more puppies in the future should you specifically want a Keweras.








 My sincere apologies for not having the pics of the relevant dogs on the website. I am experiencing extreme difficulties loading new pictures onto the site, and we are in communication with the company to try to remedy this as soon as possible.

Website updates coming soon.



Very happy to report that Martha has had a successful rendezvous with the very gorgeous Basil. We will be collecting her in the next couple of days and starting her pregnancy nurturing. My sincere thanks go out to Sue for her commitment to this.

Martha update: I am as sure as I can be at this early stage that Martha is expecting a litter. This litter will be cream puppies - like little snow bears!  Approximate due date is 19th November - our Grandaughter Imogen's 8th birthday.

Update: Martha is settled happily back at home and enjoying being pampered again! 


Ty and Mabel have had their rendezvous' and we hope for some beautiful puppies from them. This is Ty's first mating so we yet need to establish that he is fertile. As soon as I know that both girls have 'taken' I will update this page.

Mabel update:  I'm not yet sure whether Mabel is in whelp - it's very early days, and all the girls start to show at different stages. I will update again once I know more.





Well, the girls are taking their time to come into season this time. I have heard from friends that their girls are the same, so it may be environmentally related. As soon as they are ready they will have their appropriate rendezvous' and we will look forward to welcoming your much awaited puppies! Once they come into season I will update this page. Thankyou for your patience and loyalty to Keweras Goldens.





We are aware that many of you are waiting for visits to meet the dogs. We haven't forgotten about any of you, but can't accommodate visitors for the time being as I'm not very well at present, plus we are due to have the porch and dining area tiled any day now. As soon as we are in a better position to invite you all we will be in touch. Our  apologies for this situation, and we look forward to meeting you as soon as circumstances allow. The dogs love visitors so will be very excited when you arrive, but will calm down after a few minutes. As they are molting  profusely it's probably best not to wear dark colours! they are brushed and combed very regularly but it's a bad year for molting Goldens!



 Thankyou so much to everyone for all the kind comments about our website and our dogs who have been seen out and about, and have led to many puppy bookings.

Unfortunately we cant take any more bookings for this year despite planning two litters in the Autumn. If you would like a puppy in Spring 2020 please let us know, but don't take too long as that list is filling up fast as well! 

 1. Visits to choose your puppy will be when the puppies are 5 weeks old. 2. We require a £300 cash deposit at this time please, which is non refundable unless we are unable to supply the puppy. 3. Puppies are £1.200 males and females. We put a great deal of time, dedication and funds into all our litters. The cost of food, vet bills and necessary Kennel Club documentation etc. is continually rising so we have had to raise our price slightly to fall in line with these increases 4. If you have children please bring them when you visit at the 5 week stage. As we need to go through all the paperwork with you it would be helpful if your child/children had something to occupy them whilst we go through this process please. 5. If you have any questions please write them down and they will all be answered when you visit. 6. We very much look forward to meeting you when you come to choose your puppy.

Please note: When you make initial contact requesting to be put on our puppy waiting list, please confirm that someone is at home during the day, (or that you have a relative who will be with your puppy during the day) whether you prefer a male or female, and provide a contact number for the list. Many thanks.

 Please contact us if you are interested in owning a beautiful Keweras Golden Retriever on: 07789 235980/01752 844814

Deposits are non refundable unless we are unable to supply the puppy.

 We would respectfully request that should you, for whatever reason, no longer require a puppy once on the waiting list, you let us know at your earliest convenience. Thankyou.

  16.05.2018   On Saturday May 12th my precious boy Monty lost his life to complications following surgery for bloat and a torsion. To say I am bereft is the biggest understatement ever. I am totally lost without him, and currently struggling through each day as best I can. His organs weren't compromised in any way following surgery for the torsion as I had recognised the signs and got him to the vet in good time. However, during the surgery he aspirated some of his stomach contents into his lungs , and despite the vet's best efforts developed pneumonia which then became sepsis, and sadly he was unable to fight this off. I know he would want me to go on for his remaining nine beloved companions so that is what I am attempting to do through my grief and shock, but it really is very hard to go on without him.

07789 235980/01752 844814



Matti is now expanding well. Her appetite has improved considerably which is a great relief to me. Trying to keep her still for more than a couple of minutes at a time is a bit of a trial at times - but we don't call her Scatty Matti for nothing! I will contact everyone I have puppies for once they arrive and Matti and I have had time to recover.




Matti & Torr's puppies arrived on 15th September - six days earlier than expected. She was carrying 10 puppies - 5 of each - but sadly one little girl didn't make it. As you can see by the date the puppies are now 2 weeks old. I wasn't sure how things would work out with them being early so didn't want to announce their arrival too soon. Matti is an amazing first time mum - I am incredibly proud of her, and between us we have got the puppies this far. Matti is devoted to her young - very protective, nurturing  - and fastidious about their cleaning. I couldn't be happier with her. If I have a puppy for you I will be telephoning to let you know. I am very sorry about not being able to supply puppies to everyone on my list, so if you haven't heard from me by the end of Sunday (1st October) sadly you haven't been lucky this time. However, if I do contact you to offer you a puppy please see notes below:

                                        Taila and babies April 2017


                                            Tehya and babies April 2017                  

            My apologies but I was unable to add further pictures due to site problems.    


The puppies are here! Talia had her puppies last Friday 21st April (The Queen's birthday no less) and produced a lovely litter of ten puppies - five of each, and Tehya went into labour last Sunday 23rd April (St George's day) but had to have a caesarean and produced - wait for it.....Fourteen puppies - 11 boys and 3 girls!!

Please phone on 01752 844814/07789 235980 or email Penny on if you are interested in owning a Keweras puppy. Thankyou



We are very easy to get to - very close to Plymouth -
just over the Tamar Bridge on the A38 into Cornwall. Please ask if you need directions sent via the computer. Please note your sat nav will take you to the local pub (which some may say is a good thing  - but you won't find any puppies there) so you WILL require directions from us! 

   Please note: I only sell to families where someone is at home during the day. I am, however,  happy for relatives/puppy sitters to help out people who are working part time.

Our pups are ALWAYS bred first and foremost for health and temperament, and their suitability to family life, and especially families with young children. They do, however, also have amazing looks, with tremendous dark pigmentation, excellent conformation, and have varying coat lengths.

  Please remember to bring a small puppy fleece or hand towel to rub on mum when you come to collect your puppy. Also bring a towel to put on your lap for the journey home.If you are traveling a long way you will need to bring a plastic sheet and newspaper to put in the boot of the car for your puppy to relieve him/herself on. I will provide drinking water, but you will need to bring a bowl.

Please note that I am living with very difficult illnesses that means I can't always answer emails immediately, so would respectfully ask that you understand I will answer as soon as I am able should this happen. I apologise for this - but don't want you to think I am ignoring you if I don't reply immediately because I do endeavour to answer all my emails as soon as I am able. Thankyou