I would respectfully request that should you, for whatever reason, no longer require a puppy once on my waiting list, you let me know at your earliest convenience. Thankyou.        

My next litter will hopefully be conceived in July, born in September and go out in November. The parents will be Matti & Torr. I already have a waiting list for this litter so if you are keen to own a Keweras puppy (or is that be owned by?!) please get in touch soon so I can add you to my list.


Matti and Torr have had their 'rendezvous' so we now wait to see whether she has in fact taken. I will update this page as and when I have more news for you...

1. Visits to choose your puppy will be when the puppies are 4/5 weeks old. 2. I require a £200 cash deposit at this time please, which is non refundable unless I am unable to supply the puppy. 3. Puppies are £900 males and females 4. If you have children please bring them when you visit at the 4/5 week stage. As I need to go through all my paperwork with you it would be helpful if your child/children had something to occupy them whilst we go through this process please. 5. If you have any questions please write them down and they will all be answered when you visit. 6. I very much look forward to meeting you when you come to choose your puppy. 



            My apologies but I was unable to add further pictures due to site problems.    


The puppies are here! Talia had her puppies last Friday 21st April (The Queen's birthday no less) and produced a lovely litter of ten puppies - five of each, and Tehya went into labour last Sunday 23rd April (St George's day) but had to have a caesarean and produced - wait for it.....Fourteen puppies - 11 boys and 3 girls!!

Please phone on 01752 844814/07789 235980 or email Penny on
goldenlove14@btinternet.com if you are interested in owning a Keweras puppy. Thankyou



We are very easy to get to - very close to Plymouth -
just over the Tamar Bridge on the A38 into Cornwall. Please ask if you need directions sent via the computer. Please note your sat nav will take you to the local pub (which some may say is a good thing  - but you won't find any puppies there) so you WILL require directions from us! 

   Please note: I only sell to families where someone is at home during the day. I am, however,  happy for relatives/puppy sitters to help out people who are working part time.

Our pups are ALWAYS bred first and foremost for health and temperament, and their suitability to family life, and especially families with young children. They do, however, also have amazing looks, with tremendous dark pigmentation, excellent conformation, and have varying coat lengths.

  Please remember to bring a small puppy fleece or hand towel to rub on mum when you come to collect your puppy. Also bring a towel to put on your lap for the journey home.If you are traveling a long way you will need to bring a plastic sheet and newspaper to put in the boot of the car for your puppy to relieve him/herself on. I will provide drinking water, but you will need to bring a bowl.

Please note that I am living with very difficult illnesses that means I can't always answer emails immediately, so would respectfully ask that you understand I will answer as soon as I am able should this happen. I apologise for this - but don't want you to think I am ignoring you if I don't reply immediately because I do endeavour to answer all my emails as soon as I am able. Thankyou