Tekka is a poppet. She had her first litter of stunning pups in November 2006, and was the world's most protective mother. I expected her to allow her Mum (Maddie) to share the task of raising her young, as they are very close, but she would simply not allow anyone except us near them, until they reached 5 weeks. She nurtured and cared for her beautiful pups as an experienced mother would, and I am so proud of her. She has since had two stunning litters with my darling boy Monty, and was again a wonderful mum to her babies. I hope to have one more litter with Tekka - but this time with Torr. Tekka is very pale cream, and is extremely pretty. She has a truly loving nature, and is a joy and delight every day of her life, just like her Mum Maddie.

Tekka is now in her 12th year and frankly behaves like a 5 year old! She is full of fun and still enjoys a run in the field with the other dogs. She looks identical to Maddie - so much so that it is almost spooky! She remains a happy healthy Keweras girl loved by all.