Herelsa Tillie (Tillie) was 6 years old on May 4th 2011. She had her very first litter in November 2006...which turned out to be a huge litter of 12! She was a superb Mother, and has made me extremely proud with her endless devotion to duty. Tillie is completely soppy, turning upside down at every opportunity for a tummy tickle. She is mid gold in colour, and has produced some beautiful pups..with a little help from Tamar, and more recently Torr. She is a very special girl, has a very sweet and gentle nature, and is a delight to own. She had her second litter of pups with Tamar - 10 this time, in November 2007 and again proved to be the most devoted and wonderful mother. I am so very proud of her. Tillie just loves pups - all pups, regardless of who they belong to! She spent a lot of time in the Summer of 2008 baby-sitting Maddie's pups, which pleased both her and Maddie, as she was able to have a well-earned rest!

Tillie has finished having puppies now - but will enjoy helping the less experienced mums to look after theirs I'm sure.

Tillie's nature is second to none - and this is most definitely coming out in her pups. Her son, Cooper has already passed as a P.A.T (Pets as Therapy) dog aged only 16 months. Since then I have heard that Thomas is now a Registered P.A.T dog too - he was from Tillie and Tamar's litter too. All her puppies' new owners phone me to say how wonderful their pup is - especially with their children. This pleases me greatly as this is precisely how this breed should be. I'm hoping to sell more of her puppies to work as P.A.T. dogs, as this is such worthwhile and wonderful work, offering so many elderly and disabled people the chance to experience a relationship with a gentle and trustworthy dog, and giving them something to look forward to each week. 

Tillie has now gone to live with David and Pat in Helston where she is being spoilt rotten and loving every second of it! Thankyou to them for offering her such a lovely home and retirement.