Tegan and her very pale daughter, Lily!

 Tegan is a litter sister to Cooper who is already a P.A.T. qualified dog. as you can see, she is a lovely dark girl (with a beautiful light flash on her head). Her Mum, Tillie did a wonderful job of raising her, and her 11 litter mates. Tegan is very beautiful, and INCREDIBLY loving - as I would expect, being Tillie and Tamar's daughter. Tegan had her first beautiful litter on 3rd October 2008 with my gorgeous new boy, Chaz. She has proved herself to be extremely mature in the way she nurtured her babies, and I am exceptionally proud of her.The only time she left them (apart from necessary visits to the garden) was to jump up on the bed with me for a big cuddle when she buried her head in me and showed me that she still loved me, despite having babies to care for. She didn't stay long though, as she had to get back to change nappies! Tegan has had a lovely litter with Torr, and is hopefully expecting another one on or around 9th November 2011.

Tegan now lives with my dear friend Val five minutes down the road which means I am able to visit her easily. She is much happier living with Val's two boys Thomas and Jake as she used to get a bit uppity with some of the other girls here. She remains a lovely girl who adores Val the way she adored me - which is lovely to see.