Gemma is 9. She had several homes before eventually ending up at Barnsgold with us. She was grossly overweight at 42 kilos when she arrived, but I have reduced her down to approximately 32 kilos, and she is so much happier for it. She is such a sweetheart...having little conversations with me when she thinks it's time for a snack. She slotted in with my other dogs as if she had lived here forever. As you can see, she is very tolerant of  puppies, unlike dear Keli! 

Thankyou so much to Val and Pat for looking after Gemma so well for the past year. 

Gemma has now found her forever home in Truro with Janet & Marcus and their beautiful cat, Beth. She is extremely happy, and has recently had her first trip to the beach, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She has, however, decided that the entire sea belongs to her, and barks at anyone who dares to step into her sea!

I know Janet and Marcus are as happy to have Gemma as she is to have them - I love happy endings! Thankyou both so much for enabling Gemma to live out her days so happily, after such a difficult start.

 Some pics of Gemma in her new life:



              Gemma believes she is from Royal stock - bit big for a Corgi though!