Keli, who was not bred here, used to come and stay for weeks on end whilst her owners were abroad, and once stayed for 3 months in one go . She always loved it at Barnsgold with us and all the dogs. When her owners were at home and we visited, she was always ready to come with us, and it was a job to keep her from jumping in the car! Her owners have now emigrated and guess where Keli has ended up - you got it in one! She is now a permanent resident, mixing well with all the dogs - but not particularly tolerant of young upstarts! She has some health problems and is receiving the very best care possible here at Barnsgold including, of course the best tonic of all - lots of love and cuddles! She is a very sweet natured dog whom everyone falls in love with, and wants to take home.

Keli has now gone to live with Muriel - a dear lady who is wonderful with animals, and has been missing the Golden she used to look after every day, who has now emigrated with her owners. Keli is loving her new life, and both Muriel and Keli are thoroughly enjoying each other's company. I do miss her though!