Kizzi and Tira are sisters. They are full of mischief! Kizzi was sold from the litter, but she came back when things changed in her new owner's lives, and they could no longer keep her. She is slightly paler than Tira, but is equally mischievious! Kizzi loves giving kisses, and hugs you around the neck with her paws in an attempt to express her love for you! She had 6 absolutely stunning pups in July 2007 with Tamar. She was a truly lovely Mum to her babies, and kept them spotlessly clean and well fed at all times.She has since had a litter of 8 beauties with the very handsome and lovely Troy from the Doddridge Kennel. She has a very low hip score of 3:3 (total 6) and is a truly delightful girl all round, who adds her own special magic to my life. 

My darling Kizzi has now gone to live with Di & David and Millie in Plymouth where she is completely doted on - and now goes swimming bless her! Thankyou to Di & Dave for loving her so much.