Keweras Goldens are so gentle and loving with children of all ages. this incredible nature is what my breeding is all about. Here is a selection of pictures showing just what I mean...








      Tillie adores her two young owners                Cooper keeps a close eye on Hannah



Kathryn and Lily have a close bond                     Mawgan and Ruby having cuddle



Becky and Torr pose for the camera!             Molly-May meets her new puppy Jago

                                                                                               for the first time.                                        

    Monty tells Danni a secret!                                      Siobhan adores Rosie


                  Luca and Ryan have grown through babyhood together


               Ben and Oscar                              Charlie and one of his young owners


                Brad with Jenna                              Kayleigh helps walk Mackie


             Ryan and Ben meet Oscar              One of my VERY patient Goldens!!


              Brandon with Wolfie                                   Katherine with Ben


                   Max likes to play football                                    This is the life!!


                   Molly & Jago                                                     Theya and Luna


                   Josh and Ella