Barney is a big baby really...but just wonderful. He is a large dog, pale cream in colour with a lovely full coat, and has tremendous dark pigmentation. Barney has sired many very beautiful litters, and has been known to pop into the whelping box to check on his pups' progress! I have his daughters, Tira, Kizzi & Kara here, and will carry his line on through them. He is such a big softy and buries his head in me for a cuddle on a regular basis. He adores his canine companions, and looks after them all like a mother hen! He can be very excitable - but in a lovely way. I love my Barney Boots - as I call him, and love the way he is so enthusiastic about showing his affection to everyone!

Barney now lives with a loving family here is Saltash. His new owners Paul, Helen & Jason all adore him, and he is a very happy and much loved pet. Thankyou to his wonderful family for loving and caring for him so well every day.

Some typical 'Barney' Puppies: