My special stud boy:

                        Doddridge PenTorr of Keweras

My wonderful boy Tamar (Kennelridge PenTamar) suddenly became infertile somewhere between September 2007 and February 2008, aged just 4/5. As he was my 'outside blood' whom I could put to any of my girls (except his daughter Tegan of course) this was a massive blow to my breeding programme. He has such a wonderful nature, and has produced some very special pups with incredible temperaments and looks. I was thrilled when his son, Monty came back to me in January 2009. Monty is now well proven. However, I am unable to put him to all my girls, as I feel he is a bit too close. I therefore had to make the decision to buy in a new boy, and having had a beautiful litter of Troy's  (Nightjades Dreamer at Yeovale) puppies from the Doddridge Kennel, with my Kizzi , I decided to book one from there. I now have my wonderful boy - he is called Torr (Doddridge PenTorr of Keweras) and is an absolute darling! Both his parents are very laid back, and he has definitely inherited this lovely trait. Thankyou Brenda so much for this wonderful boy. He is so very gentle and I'm proud to say this is coming out in all his puppies.

                  Torr has a current clear eye test and hip score of 7:8.

I have used Torr several times on my girls and with two 'outside' girls, and all pups have been exceptional. He is a very special part of our Keweras family, and we simply adore him.




                                               My Precious new boy 'Torr'




                          My darling boy TORR - soppiness  personified !!                   



                                        MY HANDSOME BOY TORR







               Torr's Beautiful Mum - Ella                             Torr's Handsome Dad - Troy