Here are my wonderful boys - Two studs, and two retired! They are all equally special - each has the most wonderful temperament, and has their progeny here within my breeding 'stock'.  My boys are all so gentle and loving, and I adore each one.



             Monty (stud) Mr Soppy 1              Torr  (stud) Mr Soppy 2

             Keweras Trenowath Trust           Doddridge PenTorr of Keweras


                    MONTY                                             TORR

 Sadly my darling boy Monty was taken from me on 12th May 2018 following surgery for bloat and a torsion. My world has changed dramatically since losing him so suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a loving and deeply loved dog - everyone who met him wanted to take him home. Amazingly he left the most wonderful gift of his litter of puppies behind, and we now have his gorgeous son TY (as named by our 6 year old Granddaughter) to hopefully carry on Tamar and Monty's line with my girls. I will be able to put Ty to all my girls but one - Matti - who is Monty's daughter.  Sleep sweetly my precious darling boy..forever adored and painfully missed...



       Tamar (Rtd) Tegan & Monty's dad.  Barney (Rtd) Kara, Kizzi & Tira's dad.

                     Kennelridge PenTamar         Dogmersfield Barnsgold of Keweras

                        SADLY DECEASED                  SADLY DECEASED

All my matings are done as nature intended - naturally! I will never force a bitch to mate, or use a muzzle - if she is not happy to mate there is a good reason for it, and to force it on her is an act of cruelty. I allow the dogs time to get to know each other and enjoy some play time together. I feel it is kinder to the girls to have time to get to know me, the property, my other dogs, new scents etc., before expecting her to feel comfortable about going through a mating. I also believe that if she is mentally happy this will enhance her chances of conception. All the girls who have stayed with me for a mating have been very happy - so much so that their owners have had concerns about them wanting to go home!

When you collect your girl, I will give you a copy of  my dog's hips score and eye test - I will have shown them to you prior to the mating - and a photograph of the dogs tied, as this will show you beyond question that the mating has taken place - after all you will only have my word for it without this. I will also give you a signed litter registration document to enable you to register your litter with the Kennel Club, and ask that you pay your full fee at this time. In the unlikely event that your girl does not conceive at this first mating, a free mating will be offered on her next season.