This is my beautiful girl Kara ( or Kara Lou-Lou, as I call her!) She was sold from the litter, but came back to me in July 2008 for 6 months, and is now staying permanently.


She is Maddie and Barney's daughter - and is a sweetheart. She had 10 beautiful puppies with Chaz in January 2009.  Since then she has had a litter with Monty, (and I kept Tami from this litter as I wanted both Tamar and Maddie's lines in one puppy, and achieved this in Tami). More recently Kara had a HUGE litter of 15 with Torr!! Kara regularly cuddles up on the bed with her head buried into me, enjoying every second of our time together. She is very special to me, and I'm delighted to have her here as part of my wonderful family.

Kara has just had her 10th birthday and apart from a little lameness in her back legs is doing really well! She is just like her mum Maddie in as much as she likes to be in charge of everyone and everything, but unlike her mum is extremely greedy! Kara was spayed in February last year (2015) so hopefully will avoid mammary tumours in the future. She remains an absolute darling to me - if a little too vocal!