My darling Tia ....





Tia is Monty's daughter and Tillie's Grand-daughter, and is Barney's Grand-daughter on his Mum's side. She came to me from an older lady who loved her dearly but just couldn't cope with her. She was a year old when I took her on. She is a delightful dog who has really come out of herself since being with me. We have a very close relationship, and have a lot of fun together.  She also gets on well with all her doggy companions, and plays a lot with Kara and Monty in particular. Tia always has a frown on her face which I think rather becomes her!

Tia has a hip score of total 11, a clear eye certificate, is up to date with her vaccinations, and is a sheer delight to own.

Tia has now had all her litters and will be spayed this year (2016) She can then focus on her favourite pastimes of chasing the hens (through the fencing) and snoring on my bed in the evenings! Tia is wonderful about playing with puppies - either visiting or ones I have kept. She is both loving and funny and I quite simply adore her.