My beautiful girls - current and past - all precious and special...


Ventess Pennys Perfection                           Herelsa Tillie (Rtd)
         Deceased Sadly

                MADDIE                                                  TILLIE



                                 Dogmersfield PenTekka of
                                             Keweras (Rtd)




        Keweras PenTegan                                                   Keweras Pennys from Heaven
                    (Rtd)                                                                           Deceased Sadly

                TEGAN                                                                                  KARA                    


                                                       Doddridge Ellie Tahari  (Rtd)                    




          Rivers Fleur of Keweras                             Berlioz Corniche of Keweras               
               Deceased Sadly                                                           (Rtd)    

                           TIA                                                                 KENZI

                               Doradoamor Pen Tikila of Keweras                           Keweras Karmont Pen Tamara
    Tragically taken 14.01.2016
                     KILA                                                                                TAMI







                                               Keweras Graceful Lady




                                                 Keweras Pennys Perfection




                                     Keweras Karmont Pen Matilda 




                                               Daisy Wen of Keweras




                                          Imocott Pen Tamadkar of Keweras




                                       Barnsnash Torrlib Pen Tali of Keweras 



                                    KARA, TALIA, TIA & KENZI




       Four of my darling girls!         


             Here are my beautiful girls - all of them so loving and precious. Thankyou SO much to everyone who has chosen a Keweras puppy from my darling girls, and thankyou for giving my babies such a wonderful life - as you all have - and for keeping in touch with photos and progress reports. I really do appreciate it.

TEGAN has become a  first time mum this year (2008), and is, as with all my girls, a wonderful mother to her young. I really am exceptionally proud of her as she is handling motherhood in such a mature way. Tegan's pups have gone to some very special people and are all so very happy - so naturally that in turn makes me very happy too. Thankyou to all their new owners: Jon, Sally & Holly (Ozzy). Michele, Jo & Olli (Oakley). Vicki & Kevin (Martha). Tim, Dawn & Kathryn (Lily), and Murray, Debbie & girls (Charlie). I hope your pups change and enrich your lives forever.

KIZZI has had her second litter of exceptional puppies (on December 14th 2008), who are almost ready to leave. Thankyou again to Brenda for Troy's services, and such beautiful puppies... Kizzi and Troy have excelled themselves!  They all have wonderful homes to go to: Victoria, Mick & family (Wolfie), Richard & Daniel (Gibson), Matt, Kayleigh & Layla (Mackie), Pauline & Jonathan (Bessie), Mark & Sonia (Amos), Craig & Emma (Bear) and Brenda (Storm) Thankyou to all of you for choosing Keweras, and offering my pups such a lovely life and secure future.

KARA who has recently come back into my possession, had her first litter on 23rd January 2009 - she had 10 babies to look after - and what a girl she was, bless her - right from the long-winded delivery through to the time her family left her, she was just amazing. Chaz thinks he might just have had something to do with it all too! Their puppies were absolutely beautiful, and so happy - with ever wagging tails - we thought they might wag them off in the end!! . Thankyou to all the wonderful people who have bought their pups, and are bringing them up so well, and loving them so much - Roger, Chris & Charlie (Jay & Ollie), The Quantrells (Barney), Paula, Dave & Roxy (Phoebe), Pete, Cerrianne & Rhys (Bonnie), Rebecca, Lavan & Theya (Luna), Becky, Michael, Naomi & Jacob (Cassie) Carl, Lisa, Josh & Rhys (Alfie), Ray & Tracy (Tava), Bosun has gone to Kerstin, Sean & Nick (Kara's previous owners). 

Maddie has now had her last litter of truly beautiful puppies. I am exceptionally fond of Maddie - she is very special to me. She has been amazing during her years of motherhood, and I'm going to carry on enjoying her for as long as I can. Her mother lived till nearly sixteen - so fingers crossed!  Thankyou to everyone for choosing her puppies - I know they will be loved and looked after extremely well: Lynda (Phoebe), Barbara & Jim (Meg), David & Diane(Millie), Steph & Steve (Taz), Kim, Steve & Joshua (Marley), Lee, Nick, & children  (Bramble), Jo, Ian, & girls (Dexter), Lenka & Jakub, (Ben). I hope you will all share many years of love, joy and happiness with your very special Golden.

Tegan's litter are all happily settled in their new homes now so thankyou to everyone who chose her pups: Tony & Judy (Poppy), Deborah & Steve (Nella), Clare & Chris (Monty & Merlin), Paul, Melissa & Lewis (Oscar) and Duncan, Melissa & family (Monty). I hope they all bring you very many years of love and enjoyment.

 All my girls are in very good health and have truly lovely natures. This is what matters to me more than anything else. These attributes are passed down to their puppies, so you can be assured of owning a very special addition to your family. They are all very gentle, loving and beautiful, and I adore each and every one.