Bombshell Beauty (Molly)

Molly is 9. She came to us at 10 months from a family in Plymouth where things weren't working out for her. She had quite a tough time of it. She was very nervous at first, wetting the floor and fearful of eating her food, but all that is way behind her now, and she is the happiest most loving dog imaginable. She chills out every day to some calming music with her feet up in the air...very comical (See my Keweras Knutters page!) She is the world's greatest swimmer, and is extremely reluctant to get out of the water once in! We just love Molls to bits - and always will.

Our darling Molly has now gone to live with Pat, Val & Thomas less than 5 minutes away. It is lovely to be able to see her whenever we want, and also to know that as she ages, she is getting one to one attention and cuddles -which is very important to her. Molly and Thomas have bonded well, and are having lots of fun together, which is lovely for both of them. Thankyou so much to her new owners for giving her her forever home, and allowing us to have so much access to her.

Molly passed away sadly following cancer in her sinuses. Val and I were both with her..