Kennelridge PenTamar

Tamar will be 7 on Christmas day (2010). He is the most friendly and loving Goldie you will ever meet. He loves nothing more than sitting on my lap...or anyone's really!  He even leaps on my lap when I'm on the computer - as you will see on my Gallery page.  He adores all his canine companions - and puppies - which is somewhat unusual for a male dog, but which reflects his nature completely. Tamar enjoys cuddling up under the quilt in the middle of the night...and makes a great hot water bottle! He is a very much loved member of the family, and makes life a great place to be.


Some of Tamar's puppies:


Keweras PenTegan            Keweras Kalypso Kim                      Tamar Litter

      Tegan                                       Tess


 Tamar now lives with my dear friends Marion and Trevor who absolutely idolise him - and he them! He is very happy in his new life in Nottingham, and as you can see from the picture, is very much at home. He seems to love the ball I gave him when he left - and without doubt could have done a much better job on his own, than the entire England team in the world cup! I miss Tamar every day of my life, and love him as much as ever, but I know how happy he is, and how happy he is making his new owners, and knowing that is what helps me when I miss him the most. Thank-you to Marion and Trevor for the love and care you shower on my special boy each and every day. xx


Darling Tamar has helped Marion and Trevor's Grand-daughter to overcome her fear of dogs - bless his precious little heart.


Sadly this wonderful boy whom I never stopped loving passed away in December 2015. He lives on in his Grand-puppies and Great Grand-puppies.