Maddie is an absolute darling. She has had 3 beautiful litters, and is a superb mother, wanting to nurture her pups for the full eight weeks - but I don't let my girls feed past 7 weeks as it is unfair on them and the pups to let them nurse longer than this. Her first litter was by caesarean section, due to the fact that all 8 pups were on one horn of the womb...a very unusual situation. Thankfully both she and all the pups survived. Two boys from this litter have gone on to become very handsome and successful stud dogs. One of her girls (Tekka) remained here with us. Maddie has since had a lovely litter of 11, and had a natural birth which was wonderful. She recently had a litter of 4 beauties who were nothing short of stunning! She can only be described as a superb, healthy, loving, comical and very much the head of our canine family - well that was until Keli moved in. . . . but that's another story !! Maddie is a very special girl who means the absolute world to me - she is my soul mate.

Maddie has now had her final litter and has been spayed in the hope that she will avoid mammary tumours and/or pymometra (I recommend this for all non breeding bitches). Her beautiful line, however, will be carried on through her daughters Tekka and Kara, and her Grand-daughter Tami.



                         A couple of pups from Maddie's last ever litter.

Sadly my soul mate Maddie was put to sleep on 5th December 2013 after it was discovered she had a huge tumour across her stomach. My world fell apart that day - and nearly 3 years on I still haven't accepted it. Even when you adore all your dogs as I do - there is always that one....