Keweras Lovely Ladies

My beautiful girls – it all started with my incredible Maddie – my soul mate and dearest friend. My girls are all so precious and special… Previous mums can be seen on their individual pages on the menu – can you see your dog’s mum there?

Where it all began…………………  

 Ventess Pennys Perfection          


   Here are my beautiful girls – all of them so loving and precious. Thankyou SO much to everyone who has chosen a Keweras puppy from my darling girls, and thankyou for giving my babies such a wonderful life – as you all have – and for keeping in touch with photos and progress reports. I really do appreciate it.

TEGAN has become a  first time mum this year (2008), and is, as with all my girls, a wonderful mother to her young. I really am exceptionally proud of her as she is handling motherhood in such a mature way. Tegan’s pups have gone to some very special people and are all so very happy – so naturally that in turn makes me very happy too. Thankyou to all their new owners: Jon, Sally & Holly (Ozzy). Michele, Jo & Olli (Oakley). Vicki & Kevin (Martha). Tim, Dawn & Kathryn (Lily), and Murray, Debbie & girls (Charlie). I hope your pups change and enrich your lives forever.

KIZZI has had her second litter of exceptional puppies (on December 14th 2008), who are almost ready to leave. Thankyou again to Brenda for Troy’s services, and such beautiful puppies… Kizzi and Troy have excelled themselves!  They all have wonderful homes to go to: Victoria, Mick & family (Wolfie), Richard & Daniel (Gibson), Matt, Kayleigh & Layla (Mackie), Pauline & Jonathan (Bessie), Mark & Sonia (Amos), Craig & Emma (Bear) and Brenda (Storm) Thankyou to all of you for choosing Keweras, and offering my pups such a lovely life and secure future.

Four of my darling girls

KARA who has recently come back into my possession, had her first litter on 23rd January 2009 – she had 10 babies to look after – and what a girl she was, bless her – right from the long-winded delivery through to the time her family left her, she was just amazing. Chaz thinks he might just have had something to do with it all too! Their puppies were absolutely beautiful, and so happy – with ever wagging tails – we thought they might wag them off in the end!! . Thankyou to all the wonderful people who have bought their pups, and are bringing them up so well, and loving them so much – Roger, Chris & Charlie (Jay & Ollie), The Quantrells (Barney), Paula, Dave & Roxy (Phoebe), Pete, Cerrianne & Rhys (Bonnie), Rebecca, Lavan & Theya (Luna), Becky, Michael, Naomi & Jacob (Cassie) Carl, Lisa, Josh & Rhys (Alfie), Ray & Tracy (Tava), Bosun has gone to Kerstin, Sean & Nick (Kara’s previous owners). 

Maddie has now had her last litter of truly beautiful puppies. I am exceptionally fond of Maddie – she is very special to me. She has been amazing during her years of motherhood, and I’m going to carry on enjoying her for as long as I can. Her mother lived till nearly sixteen – so fingers crossed!  Thankyou to everyone for choosing her puppies – I know they will be loved and looked after extremely well: Lynda (Phoebe), Barbara & Jim (Meg), David & Diane(Millie), Steph & Steve (Taz), Kim, Steve & Joshua (Marley), Lee, Nick, & children  (Bramble), Jo, Ian, & girls (Dexter), Lenka & Jakub, (Ben). I hope you will all share many years of love, joy and happiness with your very special Golden.

Tegan’s litter are all happily settled in their new homes now so thankyou to everyone who chose her pups: Tony & Judy (Poppy), Deborah & Steve (Nella), Clare & Chris (Monty & Merlin), Paul, Melissa & Lewis (Oscar) and Duncan, Melissa & family (Monty). I hope they all bring you very many years of love and enjoyment.

 All my girls are in very good health and have truly lovely natures. This is what matters to me more than anything else. These attributes are passed down to their puppies, so you can be assured of owning a very special addition to your family. They are all very gentle, loving and beautiful, and I adore each and every one. 


Tira is a little poppet! She sustained an injury to her muzzle after her Mother ‘over disciplined’ her at 2 weeks old, and has been left with a blocked tear duct, which means she gets a bit of ‘weeping’ on one side of her face. It certainly doesn’t detract from her very loving and mischievious nature though. Tira wasn’t quite ready for mating when her turn came on her last season, being less mature than her sister Kizzi, so hopefully she will have matured enough by the time her next season arrives…we’ll see! As with Kizzi, Tira has a  low hip score of 3:3 (total 6) and is a delightful girl to own, being very affectionate and gentle. She is very loving towards all the other dogs – always being so pleased to see them when they have been away from her even for a very short time!

Tira had one litter of puppies and was a wonderful mum!

Tira now lives with a wonderfully loving family in Surrey who adore her and who can offer her lots of attention and walks with their other dog Bramble who came from me as a puppy.


Maddie is an absolute darling. She has had 3 beautiful litters, and is a superb mother, wanting to nurture her pups for the full eight weeks – but I don’t let my girls feed past 7 weeks as it is unfair on them and the pups to let them nurse longer than this. Her first litter was by caesarean section, due to the fact that all 8 pups were on one horn of the womb…a very unusual situation. Thankfully both she and all the pups survived. Two boys from this litter have gone on to become very handsome and successful stud dogs. One of her girls (Tekka) remained here with us. Maddie has since had a lovely litter of 11, and had a natural birth which was wonderful. She recently had a litter of 4 beauties who were nothing short of stunning! She can only be described as a superb dog…fit, healthy, loving, comical and very much the head of our canine family – well that was until Keli moved in. . . . but that’s another story !! Maddie is a very special girl who means the absolute world to me – she is my soul mate.

Maddie has now had her final litter and has been spayed in the hope that she will avoid mammary tumours and/or pymometra (I recommend this for all non breeding bitches). Her beautiful line, however, will be carried on through her daughters Tekka and Kara, and her Grand-daughter Tami.


Ella is my most beautiful and gentle of girls. She is Torr’s mum, and came to me from Brenda of the Doddridge kennel. She has passed this lovely nature down to her son, my stud boy Torr. I would publicly like to thank Brenda for Ella as she gives me so much in my life, and I am grateful for her each and every day. She is the love of my Grandson’s life – and if he sticks to Golden Retriever ‘girls’ as he grows up it could save him a lot of heartache!  I have seen a previous Ella/Monty litter when she was still with Brenda – and believe me they were stunning and had wonderful natures.   Unfortunately Ella won’t be having any more puppies, but will always be here with me at Barnsgold. 


Tia is Monty’s daughter and Tillie’s Grand-daughter, and is Barney’s Grand-daughter on his Mum’s side. She came to me from an older lady who loved her dearly but just couldn’t cope with her. She was a year old when I took her on. She is a delightful dog who has really come out of herself since being with me. We have a very close relationship, and have a lot of fun together.  She also gets on well with all her doggy companions, and plays a lot with Kara and Monty in particular. Tia always has a frown on her face which I think rather becomes her!

Tia has a hip score of total 11, a clear eye certificate, is up to date with her vaccinations, and is a sheer delight to own.

Tia has now had all her litters and will be spayed this year (2016) She can then focus on her favourite pastimes of chasing the hens (through the fencing) and snoring on my bed in the evenings! Tia is wonderful about playing with puppies – either visiting or ones I have kept. She is both loving and funny and I quite simply adore her. 


This is my beautiful girl Kara ( or Kara Lou-Lou, as I call her!) She was sold from the litter, but came back to me in July 2008 for 6 months, and is now staying permanently.

She is Maddie and Barney’s daughter – and is a sweetheart. She had 10 beautiful puppies with Chaz in January 2009.  Since then she has had a litter with Monty, (and I kept Tami from this litter as I wanted both Tamar and Maddie’s lines in one puppy, and achieved this in Tami). More recently Kara had a HUGE litter of 15 with Torr!! Kara regularly cuddles up on the bed with her head buried into me, enjoying every second of our time together. She is very special to me, and I’m delighted to have her here as part of my wonderful family.

Kara has just had her 10th birthday and apart from a little lameness in her back legs is doing really well! She is just like her mum Maddie in as much as she likes to be in charge of everyone and everything, but unlike her mum is extremely greedy! Kara was spayed in February last year (2015) so hopefully will avoid mammary tumours in the future. She remains an absolute darling to me – if a little too vocal! 


Kizzi and Tira are sisters. They are full of mischief! Kizzi was sold from the litter, but she came back when things changed in her new owner’s lives, and they could no longer keep her. She is slightly paler than Tira, but is equally mischievious! Kizzi loves giving kisses, and hugs you around the neck with her paws in an attempt to express her love for you! She had 6 absolutely stunning pups in July 2007 with Tamar. She was a truly lovely Mum to her babies, and kept them spotlessly clean and well fed at all times.She has since had a litter of 8 beauties with the very handsome and lovely Troy from the Doddridge Kennel. She has a very low hip score of 3:3 (total 6) and is a truly delightful girl all round, who adds her own special magic to my life. 

My darling Kizzi has now gone to live with Di & David and Millie in Plymouth where she is completely doted on – and now goes swimming bless her! Thankyou to Di & Dave for loving her so much.


Tegan is a litter sister to Cooper who is already a P.A.T. qualified dog. as you can see, she is a lovely dark girl (with a beautiful light flash on her head). Her Mum, Tillie did a wonderful job of raising her, and her 11 litter mates. Tegan is very beautiful, and INCREDIBLY loving – as I would expect, being Tillie and Tamar’s daughter. Tegan had her first beautiful litter on 3rd October 2008 with my gorgeous new boy, Chaz. She has proved herself to be extremely mature in the way she nurtured her babies, and I am exceptionally proud of her.The only time she left them (apart from necessary visits to the garden) was to jump up on the bed with me for a big cuddle when she buried her head in me and showed me that she still loved me, despite having babies to care for. She didn’t stay long though, as she had to get back to change nappies! Tegan has had a lovely litter with Torr, and is hopefully expecting another one on or around 9th November 2011.

Tegan now lives with my dear friend Val five minutes down the road which means I am able to visit her easily. She is much happier living with Val’s two boys Thomas and Jake as she used to get a bit uppity with some of the other girls here. She remains a lovely girl who adores Val the way she adored me – which is lovely to see.


Herelsa Tillie (Tillie) was 6 years old on May 4th 2011. She had her very first litter in November 2006…which turned out to be a huge litter of 12! She was a superb Mother, and has made me extremely proud with her endless devotion to duty. Tillie is completely soppy, turning upside down at every opportunity for a tummy tickle. She is mid gold in colour, and has produced some beautiful pups..with a little help from Tamar, and more recently Torr. She is a very special girl, has a very sweet and gentle nature, and is a delight to own. She had her second litter of pups with Tamar – 10 this time, in November 2007 and again proved to be the most devoted and wonderful mother. I am so very proud of her. Tillie just loves pups – all pups, regardless of who they belong to! She spent a lot of time in the Summer of 2008 baby-sitting Maddie’s pups, which pleased both her and Maddie, as she was able to have a well-earned rest!

Tillie has finished having puppies now – but will enjoy helping the less experienced mums to look after theirs I’m sure.

Tillie’s nature is second to none – and this is most definitely coming out in her pups. Her son, Cooper has already passed as a P.A.T (Pets as Therapy) dog aged only 16 months. Since then I have heard that Thomas is now a Registered P.A.T dog too – he was from Tillie and Tamar’s litter too. All her puppies’ new owners phone me to say how wonderful their pup is – especially with their children. This pleases me greatly as this is precisely how this breed should be. I’m hoping to sell more of her puppies to work as P.A.T. dogs, as this is such worthwhile and wonderful work, offering so many elderly and disabled people the chance to experience a relationship with a gentle and trustworthy dog, and giving them something to look forward to each week. 

Tillie has now gone to live with David and Pat in Helston where she is being spoilt rotten and loving every second of it! Thankyou to them for offering her such a lovely home and retirement.


Tekka is a poppet. She had her first litter of stunning pups in November 2006, and was the world’s most protective mother. I expected her to allow her Mum (Maddie) to share the task of raising her young, as they are very close, but she would simply not allow anyone except us near them, until they reached 5 weeks. She nurtured and cared for her beautiful pups as an experienced mother would, and I am so proud of her. She has since had two stunning litters with my darling boy Monty, and was again a wonderful mum to her babies. I hope to have one more litter with Tekka – but this time with Torr. Tekka is very pale cream, and is extremely pretty. She has a truly loving nature, and is a joy and delight every day of her life, just like her Mum Maddie.

Tekka is now in her 12th year and frankly behaves like a 5 year old! She is full of fun and still enjoys a run in the field with the other dogs. She looks identical to Maddie – so much so that it is almost spooky! She remains a happy healthy Keweras girl loved by all.