Welcome to the home of my precious Keweras Golden Retrievers. I hope you will enjoy your visit, and come back regularly to see updates on how all the dogs are doing, and check on the availability of puppies etc. I value your comments and will reply to each and every one I receive.


   "Until one has loved a Keweras Golden,

                                         part of their soul remains unawakened." 

           My precious and beautiful girl Ria 03.12.1998 - 27.09.2010

Hello, my name is Penny Stephens, and I am the very proud owner of 13 beautiful Golden Retrievers. These dogs are the most wonderful of all creatures, offering kindness, love, loyalty and companionship unconditionally, as only they can. Their sensitivity to their owners' feelings is positively amazing, as my dogs have proved on many occasions. I quite simply couldn't live my life without them. I have many chronic health problems, and my beloved dogs get me through each and every day with understanding and compassion. Without being able to speak a single word they know when I am suffering, and how to comfort me.  Because of their wonderful dispositions, Goldens are ideally suited to families with children, and the disabled, and make wonderful therapy dogs in Nursing and Residential Homes. Every breed of dog, however, requires the correct training from the time they arrive in your home at approximately 8 weeks old, and all this advice and support is available to you from the time you first make contact with me, and is ongoing throughout your dog's life. I am very excited about having this opportunity to show off my most wonderful of friends to the world! I currently have three females who are involved in my breeding programme.  I also have two stud dogs who are both soppy loving boys, as are all my 'girls'. I have three amazing youngsters who are proving to be very special, a beautiful new puppy c/o my precious Talia and Buddy (Mafleurdean Magic Moon) and I have a lovely group of seniors here with me too who are a pure delight! To date I have delivered well over 300 Golden Retriever puppies - mostly my own, but several for Goldie owners who have been rather nervous of the impending event, and have asked me to step into the role of midwife for them! These days, however this is no longer possible as getting onto the floor is a major event and requires assistance from my husband, so I only deliver our own puppies, but I am always happy to offer support and advice to anyone, including talking you through a whelping over the phone if necessary - this I have done many times before. I hope always to do whatever is necessary to help the breed in any way I am physically and cognitively able to within my illness. I have delivered many other breeds for other people in the past too in order to ensure, as far as possible, that the pups are delivered safely, and that mum is also safe and well throughout. I'm very proud to say my dogs are blood donors for Albert Cottage Veterinary Practice here in Saltash, and have already helped in saving the lives of many other much loved dogs.

'KEWERAS' is Cornish for fulfillment/perfection

Keweras Dogs are Happy Dogs!!

*If you have lost your very special Golden, and need to talk to someone who understands how painful your loss is, please feel free to contact me for a chat, I will do all I can to help you through this very difficult time.*

 Equally - if you are nursing young pups and need some support or advice - day or night - please call, and I will do all I can to help you. I have nursed many newborns over the years and may just be able to offer some useful advice.

We always breed for health and temperament as a priority. The welfare of our dogs and this wonderful breed is of the utmost   importance to us, and is always our priority.


         We are very proud to be Kennel Club Assured Breeders


                                          UKAS Accreditation Certification    


                   We are fully licensed annually by Cornwall County Council   

                                 Members of the Golden Retriever Breed Club

The dog makes no distinction between the great and the humble, between the rich and the powerful, and those who have nothing to offer him but their company.

He walks with Kings and to our delight with our Queen, he protects the lonely and leads the blind, he shares our pleasures, our labours, our sports, our follies, our triumphs and disasters, our homes and our families. Through the dog we enrich our lives, and in return he asks only that we give him what he gives us - friendship.
Wilson Stephens 1976